The benefits of youth rugby

With obesity in children at an all time alarming high, there's never been a better time to introduce a young child to the benefits of youth rugby.

Youth Rugby and the Great Outdoors

Rugby is a game played in the great outdoors and is a great way to get a youngster to put down his computer game controller, get up off the couch, and experience the joys of filling your lungs to bursting point with healthy and wholesome, clean and crisp, Autumn air.

Youth Rugby and the Value of Team Work

No matter how gifted or talented any one player may be on the pitch, rugby is a 15-man-game and teamwork is integral to the game. Self-sacrifice and acknowledgement of one another's strengths and weaknesses is essential to any rugby team worth its salt. The discipline and awareness this sort of environment fosters in young people cannot be over estimated.

Activity, Self-Esteem, and Happiness

An active child is a happy child, and youth rugby will certainly keep any youngster active. As they develop their skills and talents as a player, a youngster's inner confidence will grow and the condition of their physical body will also reflect this. Rugby is a challenging game with an abundance of milestones for players to strive towards. It serves as a great environment to teach youngsters that anything is possible through hard work, focus, discipline, commitment, perseverance and self-belief. The challenges on a rugby pitch will prepare youngsters for the challenges in life, and teach them to keep their head up, take the knocks and keep moving towards their goals.

Social Benefits of Youth Rugby

Players in a youth rugby team are exposed to a wide array of individuals and situations they would not otherwise encounter. Friendships will be forged and alliances made that can last a lifetime. The opportunity to travel with the club you play for on away fixtures and tours is also a great way to experience more of the world. And who knows, you might even take to the pitch and make a name for yourself in the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

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