You're rubbish

Former Germany captain and all-round football legend Franz Beckenbauer has criticised the way England played against the United States, saying that he thinks they have gone backwards under Fabio Capello, reverting to the kick and rush football that held them back for so long. Of course, had The Kaiser been watching England for the past 30 years, he’d have known that England had never abandoned that style of play.

‘What I saw from the English in their 1-1 draw against the United States had very little to do with football,’ Beckenbauer wrote in a South African newspaper after watching England's draw on Saturday. ‘It looked to me as if the English have gone backwards into the bad old times of kick and rush. I am not sure if the England coach Fabio Capello can still change much there.

‘The English are being punished for the fact that there are very few English players in the Premier League clubs as they use better foreign players from all over the world.’ Yes Franz, blame the foreigners, that's healthy.

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