You're not the Manny

Ricky Hatton has blasted Manny Pacquiao ahead of their light-welterweight clash in Las Vegas on 2 May, claiming that the Filipino is a one-dimensional boxer and is 'there to be hit'.

Manny fights the same way all the time. He's effective at what he does but he's not a versatile fighter. He's never met a man as fiery, ferocious or rough as me, and certainly not as big and strong. I don't think Manny is the most elusive. He comes very square-on and he's there to be hit. And if he gets hit he's going to get hit by the biggest man he's ever faced. It will be a very explosive fight.

'I don't think Manny has fought at this weight before,' he continued, referring to Pacquiao's victory over Oscar De La Hoya last year. 'With respect to Oscar, he was fighting a punching bag that night.'

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