Young Gun

The Open Championship, if we may be terrifyingly parochial for a second, is the greatest golf championship in the world. Mostly this is because it’s in Britain, on the BBC and not over in the States, so we get to watch it at a normal hour, but also because the drama in unmatched by any other tournament around. So there.

And what drama we’ve been having so far: yesterday 21-year-old Rory McIlroy played a preposterous round of golf that put him at the top of the leaderboard, equalling the St Andrews record of 63 (nine under par) and putting himself two shots clear. I have played so well around here before that I really felt if I could come into the golf tournament in good form I would have a great chance,’ he said afterwards.

However, it wasn’t just this young pup’s staggering form that lit up the first day; even John Daly rolled back the years as everyone took advantage of the mild conditions and filled their boots. The big American was seven under par after 11 holes, but couldn’t keep his run going, and eventually finished six under after dropping a shot at the 17th. Oh and by the way, Tiger’s still in it. This weekend is going to be fun, people.

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