You shall go to the wedding!

It's the news we've all hoped and prayed for - no, not Snoop Dogg performing at William's stag do - Posh and Becks have apparently been invited to the Royal wedding, sealing their status once and for all as sleb royalty. We bet Mel B is seething. Becks and the balding Prince are bosom buddies, and according to sources,'get on like a house on fire, professionally and personally’.

A royal rep told The Daily Mail,'The couple have made their own decisions about who to invite, with input from the Queen and Prince of Wales. Prince William has led a fairly ordinary life in the military and the couple’s guests reflect this. He has looked to the 1986 wedding of the Duke of York, who was then serving in the Armed Forces. You can expect to see soldiers and the prince’s current colleagues (at the Abbey), in addition to about 30 representatives from the defence services.’

Vicky Beckham has in the past spoken gushingly of Middleton, saying, 'Apparently, she likes my clothes and has asked to see a selection. I admire her tremendously. She’s a beautiful young girl, she has a wonderful figure and I think she wears clothes beautifully.’

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