You say Friday, Phil Brown says abdominalcrunchesday

Phil Brown has been the subject of much speculation recently, and with his Hull City team in such disarray it’s not hard to see why (not to mention the whole apparently phoney story of him saving a woman’s life on the Humber Bridge). With the board 1,000,000 per cent behind him and his main supporter on the board now gone, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the country’s most orange football coach.

So how does Mr Ora... sorry Brown see things himself? Well you could do a lot worse than check out his Twitter page right here, where we get to see just how he copes, and what else he likes to muse on. ‘I've had the Brand New Heavies on repeat on my iPhone for the past four hours. Better every time’, says Brown. Right on, soul brother.

‘Got the players doing sprints while I read them Sun Tzu extracts. Usual Thursday,’ he said last week as he prepared them for yet another loss, while he understands the use of numerals worth more than 100 when using percentages: ‘It's perfectly possible to have more than 100% in certain cases. The players' support is just one of 101% examples.’ It’s all gold, this one. (Note: the site is clearly a spoof, ok? Just roll with it.)

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