You only sing when you’re winning

Of course, you would sing when you’re winning. Most forms of singing, aside from the Blues, are used predominantly as a way of indicating elation, excitement or happiness. Unless you’re The Smiths, of course. Why would you sing if you were losing? What would you sing? And how, as a group, would you sing the song in a way that accurately conveys your disappointment/anger/frustration.

“We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen.” No, you’re not, whoever you’re supporting. Unless it’s the Brazil side of the 1970s, the Hammers Cup Final side of 1980, or Nottsborough IVs Southern Olympian League championship-winning side of the 1996-7 season – unless it’s one of those fabulous footballing ensembles you’re not even close. Granted the Brazil side containing Zico et al is still well out in front, but the other two run them pretty close.

What’s your greatest side of all time?

(Image: from riley roxx’s flickr stream)

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