'You know how the French are'

Diego Maradona has rarely been one to keep his mouth shut when he feels like something needs to be said. Not only did he tell Pelé to ‘go back to the museum’ after he suggested that he only took the Argentina job because he needed the money, he slated both the new World Cup ball and Michel Platini for his disgusting Frenchness. Hooray!

Platini had criticised Diego’s coaching ability, and that was enough for him to let rip about him and the new ball that adidas have brought out for the World Cup.

‘I've always had a very distant relationship with him (Platini),’ said Maradona in the press conference before Argentina’s match against South Korea tomorrow. ‘It's always just hello and goodbye, nothing more than that. We all know how the French are, and Platini is French, and he believes he is better than rest. I've never paid him any attention and I won't do it now.

‘To me a World Cup is something that's quite amazing. I'm not worried by the fact there aren't many goals, I'm sure there will be goals, I'm sure the players will see to that. Of course in the first matches you are more careful, perhaps more careful than you should be.

‘And, of course, there's the ball. I don't want to go into the ball again because everyone is talking about it, but it is important and it does play a part and I would ask Pelé and Platini to go out there and play with the ball and take a closer look at it to see if it's a good one or bad one, and to stop talking rubbish about me.’

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