You dirty Raf

It can’t be a great time to be Liverpool manager: one point from your first two games, your best player in and out of the team through injury, your bosses looking to sell to stop the runaway debts they’ve accumulated at the club, and the jackals circling around all your best players. Yes, it’s a tough life for Roy Hodgson, who now feels that his being stitched up by former Reds boss Rafael Benitez.

Hodgson feels that he has reneged on a deal he and Inter president Massimo Moratti struck last week not to come after any of Liverpool’s players, but after dropping their interest in Javier Mascherano, Inter have apparently now started pushing for the purchase of Dirk Kuyt, and Hodgson is not pleased. He feels that there are some shady deals going on between Kuyt’s agent Rob Jansen and Moratti, which would surely shock any follower of Italian football to the core of their being.

‘Dirk Kuyt has not told me he wants to go and we have not received an offer from any club for him,’ Hodgson said. ‘There is obviously something going on behind the scenes, possibly involving the agent of Dirk Kuyt and the manager of Inter.

‘At this late stage in the transfer window it would be remarkably unusual for us to accept an offer for a player we don't want to leave for money we don't need. I need the player. I don't need the money. I would suggest, with all due respect, that if the agent had a serious plan to move him (Kuyt) from the club he should have been working on it four or five weeks ago, not with a few days of the window remaining, because it is very unlikely that we would receive an offer from any club that we would entertain now.

‘When Benítez left the club he signed an agreement he would not poach players from Liverpool and I think that still applies. As far as I'm concerned, the agreement with Moratti still stands.’

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