Yossi's injury Blues

It was revealed on Wednesday that Chelsea midfielder Yossi Benayoun would be out of action for six months with an Achilles injury, and the Israeli has said that he can’t understand how the seriousness of the injury was. Missed by Chelsea’s medical staff.

The Israeli international has said that the Chelsea staff convinced him that there was only a very slight tear in the tendon, but that when he arrived back home for the international break doctors told him that there was in fact a big tear that should be causing him terrible pain.

‘The truth is that this entire situation is very strange,’ Benayoun said. ‘I had three MRIs and three ultrasounds and they all said that there was no problem, and it was just a small tear.

‘I came to Israel ready to play and they told me it was a big tear. Chelsea were sure it was something small. They have compared all the images and they do not understand how they missed it. They said it is unusual to have such a big tear and not be in terrible pain. Even now I am not in pain but I cannot take one step by myself until I undergo surgery.’

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