Yet another funny goalkeeping mistake

Another week, another funny goalkeeping moment. We've already had goalscoring netkeepers, kung fu style tackles and the luckless Rowen Fernandez's own goal.

Step forward San Lorenzo keeper Agustin Orion. He decided to throw a wobbler during the first half of the all Argentine Copa Libertadores quarterfinal between San Lorenzo and Liga de Quito at the weekend. Faced with a simple back pass Orion decided to get clever and playing keepy-uppies in the area.

Unfortunately he showed the footballing finesse of a hippo with a swollen foot, playing the ball straight to an obliging Claudio Bieler who put Liga de Quito 1-0 up. Chances are old Agustin will choose Row Z next time round.

Agustin Orion's silky first touch

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