Find the best WSOP gear!

The World Series of Poker main event is due to be played in November. Finding WSOP gear online is quite difficult, but eBay and a few poker sites have a decent selection of WSOP merchandise.

Ontilt.com have a selection of WSOP gear. They have a collection of official wsop merchandise, including card protectors, watches, clothes, bags, hats and bracelets. They have T-shirts for around £17, hats for £12, bags between £5 and £9, card protectors for £12 and - if you really love poker - a watch for £1,000. They don’t have a huge selection but you might find something you like there.

eBay is full of poker merchandise - chips, cards, card protectors, jewellery, gold plated dealer buttons or even autographs of your favourite poker players. It is, however, very difficult to find official World Series of Poker merchandise because often sellers selling poker merchandise add WSOP or WPT to their description so it pops up in every search, which is annoying. There are some good finds in there but you will have to skip past all the tat that is for sale. Some of the top things for sale right now and chips and World Series of Poker games.

We can’t recommend highly enough that you leave your World Series of Poker merchandise at home when you go in for a poker tournament! Too many players turn up covered in WSOP gear - the T-Shirt, bracelet, watch, hat, cufflinks, ear rings, belt buckle, bag, sunglasses... It won’t make you look like a good player, and some of your opponents might have a giggle at your expense!

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