WSOP Main Event Champions 1970-2010

The WSOP main event is the most prestigious poker tournament on the planet. There is a huge prizepool on offer with millions of dollars for the winner. The 2010 main event was won by Jonathon Duhamel and he received $8,944,138 in prize money.

The following is a list of the WSOP main event champions from its creation to the present date:

  • 1970-Johnny Moss
  • 1971-Johnny Moss
  • 1972-Amarillo Slim Preston
  • 1973-Puggy Pearson
  • 1974- Johnny Moss
  • 1975-Sailor Roberts
  • 1976-Doyle Brunson
  • 1977-Doyle Brunson
  • 1978- Bobby Baldwin
  • 1979-Hal Fowler
  • 1980-Stu Ungar
  • 1981-Stu Ungar
  • 1982-Jack Strauss
  • 1983-Tom McEvoy
  • 1984-Javk Keller
  • 1985-Bill Smith
  • 1986-Berry Johnston
  • 1987-Johnny Chan
  • 1988-Johnny Chan
  • 1989-Phil Hellmuth
  • 1990-Mansour Matloubi
  • 1991-Brad Daugherty
  • 1992-Hamid Dastmalchi
  • 1993-Jim Bechtel
  • 1994-Russ Hamilton
  • 1995- Dan Harringtonm
  • 1996-Huck Seed
  • 1997-Stu Ungar
  • 1998-Scotty Nguyen
  • 1999-J. J. "Noel" Furlong
  • 2000-Chris Ferguson
  • 2001-Carlos Morteson
  • 2002-Robert Varkonyi
  • 2003-Chris Moneymaker
  • 2004-Greg Raymer
  • 2005- Joe Hachem
  • 2006-Jamie Gold
  • 2007-Jerry Jang
  • 2008-Peter Eastgate
  • 2009-Joe Cada
  • 2010-Robert Duhamel

The game of Texas Holdem No Limit Poker has exploded in recent years and this has had a big impact on the prize money for the WSOP champion. In 1971 first place received $30,000, as opposed to the $8,944,138 for tournament champion in 2010.

This is in no small part due to increased television coverage of the game and the fact that luck can have a huge influence on the game. It is a game that the average person can play and compete with professionals on the biggest stage in world poker. There have been a number of amateur winner's of the main event over the course of its history.

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