World’s rarest sporting event

We were chatting to some Caledonian chums post-Scotland’s humiliation at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday. And, through bitter tears of disappointment, they were telling us all about the world’s rarest sporting fixture – the Grand Match.

It all happens in and around Kinross-shire, which is home to Kinross Curling Club, thought to be the oldest in the world, founded in 1668. The Grand Match, also known as a “bonspiel”, is played whenever conditions allow, apparently (the Caledonians were a tad incoherent by this time – overcome with emotion, shall we say). This famous curling event, which traditionally pits the north and south of Scotland against each other, is held on Loch Leven. Since 1959, however, only three Grand Matches have been held, as weather conditions have not been sufficiently cold to freeze the loch.

A re-match every decade - only in Scotland.

(Image: from Maryam S.’s flickr stream)

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