The World open snooker is back!

Fans of the World Open Snooker hate missing anything when it comes to this amazing tournament. The problem is that work or other engagements often conflict with the schedule. Channels like BBC do their best to have highlight shows and repeats but if you want to ensure that you don't miss a single pot, you need to start using all the great online services available.

Websites like worldsnooker.com do a great job of keeping the news posted and up to date within seconds of them actually happening. This is great if you are in work and need to take a sneaky peak at the scores.

An even better feature is that you can actually stream the matches live or go through their library of recent games so you can catch up with all the latest matches.

You can even purchase tickets to games, check up on how your favourites stand on the snooker table and check an up-to-date stats list so you can see who's on form and who's not looking their best.

Websites like this have revolutionised how people watch the World Open Snooker games. The bbc.co.uk website is also still a great place to get information, watch analysis and keep up with the latest blogs from the snooker community. While they do not stream there are still some great pieces of news and highlights to keep you up to speed.

When it comes to snooker the internet is your best buddy, be sure to check out these great websites and you will soon realise this for yourself.

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