World Cup play-off seedings announced

With Maradona’s Argentina only just scraping through in the final auto-qualifiers in the South America group, and France and Portugal only making a 2nd placed play-off place, it’s been a non-too-convincing qualifying performance from the so called big teams for next year's World Cup.

FIFA were so desperate to see these Euro big boys make it through they dramatically ‘moved the goal posts’ at the last minute to help them qualify. Whereas the 2nd placed teams in each qualifying group would be unseeded and drawn against whoever (i.e. France could face Portugal, therefore eliminating one of them before the tournament had started) they decided to bring in seeding to help them.

France, Portugal, Russia and Greece are the four seeds, making the unseeded; Ukraine, Republic of Ireland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Slovenia. Of course this has nothing to do with the UEFA’s dictator being French.

The draw for the play-offs will be made on Monday at 1pm (GMT).

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