The top 5 iconic World Cup football jerseys

Certain World Cup football jerseys sum up an entire tournament, an entire era, an entire style of play. We picked out 5 favourites that encapsulate some of football's historic highlights. Seek out your own replicas on ebay (www.ebay.co.uk) or the Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company (www.toffs.com).

1. Pele's Brazil shirt from 1970. Or rather his Brasil shirt in that pale canary yellow with the blue trim and the number 10 on the back. Has football ever been played with such grace, before or since?

2. Johan Cruyff's bright orange Holland shirt from 1974, with the then-unusual number 14 on the back. Holland lost that final (and the next), but their total football and shaggy 70s hairstyles were the moral victors.

3. Another number 10, Diego Maradona's pale blue and white Argentina shirt from 1986, when he took his team all the way to the final and won. The rear view is painfully familiar to England defenders from that memorable quarter-final.

4. The deep red of Xavi Hernandez's number 8 shirt. Xavi is the general and mastermind of Spain's relentless possession football machine that now dominates world and European football.That number 8 always seems to find some space, however congested the midfield.

5. Oh Ok then, another red shirt. The number 6 was worn by the late, great Bobby Moore as England obligingly donned their away strip for the final at Wembley in 1966. Anybody remember the score? In England at least, this remains the most romantic of World Cup football jerseys.

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