The Start of the World Cup in 2011 for Rugby

The World Cup in 2011 for rugby is due to start in September and it promises to be a great show of the game from around the world. There are countries all over the world taking part in the tournament, which is in New Zealand this time.

The tournament kicks off on the 9th September 2011 at 8:30pm and is going to be worth watching. It starts off with the group matches, holding four games within the first two days. With it being held in New Zealand, it’s only fitting for the All Blacks to start off the tournament, playing against Tonga.

After that game, it’s time for Scotland and Romania to go head to head. With Scotland’s poor performance in the Six Nations back in February and March 2011, it’s hoped that they’ve improved considerably. England are also in Group B with Scotland but they don’t play each other until later in the month.

After the 1pm kick off from Scotland and Romania, Fiji and Namibia play. This games starts at 3:30pm with all bets on Fiji to beat the African team. This is group D and then we go back to group A in the evening to watch France play Japan.

The games will continue until the final of the World Cup in 2011 for rugby, which will be played on the 23rd October 2010 at nine in the evening. The question is will England make it to the final for the third World Cup in a row.

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