Workman blames his tools

Lewis Hamilton has blamed his McLaren team for his dreadful performance at the Malaysian Gran Prix yesterday, in which he finished way back in eighth place, after they put the wrong tyres on his car.

The Brit lies 26 points behind leader Sebastian Vettel after the disastrous race, during which he was given a 20-second penalty for a clash with Fernando Alonso, which bumped him from seventh to eighth. Meanwhile Vettel looks set for another strong year, winning the first two GPs and dominating the race from start to finish.

‘It was as terrible race,’ said Hamilton. ‘I started second and I came eighth. I tried my best. I had four pit stops and the tyres didn't last. I stopped before everyone else when I could have stayed out for a couple of laps more.

‘Then the wrong tyres were put on. I had the option instead of the prime. For the last stint I had an old prime which didn't last and I had to pit. It was very poor strategy but there's nothing I can do.’

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