Woods for grand slam?

Asked recently whether he had a chance of wining the grand slam – holding all four majors in the same golfing year – Tiger Woods said an interesting thing.

"It is easily within reason," he said. Not “within reach” or “within my grasp” or “power”, but “within reason”. And indeed, it is perfectly reasonable, logical, rational to think that this year – or one very soon – might be the year Tiger pulls off that extraordinary feat.

As the 2008 PGA tour season begins with the Buick International, Woods’ position in world golf remains unassailable. He’s won the Buick the last three years running. He won seven out of 16 PGA Tour events he entered last year, and eight out of 15 events the previous year.

And that was with major personal issues in both years: the death of his father and the birth of his baby. What could he do if he was really concentrating?

The bookies certainly agree. With this year’s four major venues all at courses Woods likes, they have him at just 20-1 to do the grand slam.

Pretty short odds for achieving the unthinkable.

(Image: from minds-eye’s flickr stream)

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