Win is Murray-ted

Andy Murray has won the Sony Ericsson Open after destroying Novak Djokovic 6-2, 7-5 in front of an impressed crowd in Miami, who witnessed a real talent maturing. Maybe those boneheads who don't like him 'because he hates the English' might change their tune now that he looks like the real deal.

Anyway it's the biggest win in the Scot's career to date, as the Open is one of the Masters series of events and considered the biggest event outside the four Grand Slam tournaments. It was also relatively easy, especially in first set where he blitzed the Serb, who despite the loss will remain world number three.

'The conditions were difficult, running around was tricky,' Murray said after the win. 'He came to the net more in the second set and I lost my timing a little bit, but I found it again at the end.'

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