How to Get Tickets for Wimbledon Tennis

Tennis is a popular sport around the world. The game that is most well-known is Wimbledon tennis. This game is played in England during the summer months. There are stages for men, women and doubles and the entertainment is spread out but it is extremely rigorous for the people taking part.

Tickets to see to see Wimbledon are available from the 1st August of each year. They are obtained through a ballot, which is the fairest way for people to get their hands on them to be able to see the games. Not everyone will be able to see the final, but there's a good chance that you’ll get a ticket for some stage of the game.

However, there are some tickets that are placed for general sale. There are only a handful of these tickets and you will need to call the Ticket Office. The numbers and opening times can be found on the Wimbledon website: Wimbledon.com. You can only buy or ask for your name to be placed in the ballot over the ticket office; there is nowhere to reserve any tickets.

Ticket prices for the Wimbledon games range from £36 to £120 depending on the game that you want to go to. The Centre Court is the most expensive out of all courts and the final is the most expensive game. However, it is possible to watch the games from the outskirts. A popular place is “Murray Mount”, which is high enough to be able to see the games played on the Centre Court.

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