Wilson Golf Clubs: just how good are they?

The Thomas E Wilson Company, renowned for its hallmark Wilson golf clubs, was formed in 1914. Since its inception the company has continued to lead in the sports equipment industry.Wilson sporting equipment are used at recreational as well as professional sports events by athletes at every level of play throughout the world.

For nearly a century now, Wilson has produced sporting equipment for almost every sporting field from team sports like football and basketball, to racket sports like squash and tennis and classic sports like golf.Wilson golf clubs and golf sets, in particular, are viewed by many people as benchmarks for consistency and excellence both for recreational and professional golfing.

Types of Wilson Golf Clubs and Sets

Wilson makes almost every type of club available in the market to meet the golfer’s exact needs, including drivers, irons and hybrids. If you are not comfortable picking or choosing individual clubs, Wilson offers complete golf sets (full set of clubs that include drivers, woods and irons) for both men and women.

The types of Wilson golf clubs include:

  • Wilson ProStaff drivers – Ideal for recreational as well as beginner golfers. The clubs offer quality and impressive designs at competitive prices.
  • Wilson distance golf sets – These are designed to give players extra distance without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Wilson classic muscleback irons – These have a soft feel and allow golfers to shape their shots well.
  • Wilson hybrid clubs – Are good for hitting off the tee and fairway.
  • Wilson Staff irons– Ideal for advanced golfers seeking a competitive advantage. Staff irons present Wilson's higher-end line of clubs.

Bottom Line

Wilson is a sports equipment company that has enjoyed great moments of victory. For instance, Padraig Harrington won his double major glory in 2008 with a Wilson Driver, Wilson Fairway Wood, Wilson utility club, Wilson Irons and two Wilson Wedges. In fact, Wilson golf clubs have won more majors than most other brands.

Aside from their high cost factor, Wilson golf clubs offer the equipment you need to not only have fun playing your heart out but also compete effectively. Importantly, if you can’t afford high-end Wilson golf clubs, there are other reputable brand clubs you can buy, such as Medicus and Callaway. These offer high quality at competing prices.

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