Wilshere set for early return

The good news for Arsenal and England fans is that Jack Wilshere appears to have made a speedy recovery from his ankle injury. Manager Arsene Wenger will now attempt to curb his eagerness to get back into the first team, and ensure his return is handled gently.

The injury has been frustrating for Wilshere who, at the start of the season, seemed the obvious successor to Cesc Fabregas for Arsenal, and a key midfielder for England’s Euro 2012 campaign. Without him, Arsenal have struggled to find any consistency in the Premier League.

Wilshere underwent surgery in September, and wasn’t expected to make a return to action until March. The Arsenal doctors have had to regard the 20 year-old as a "medical miracle" because he is ready to return to light training after three months, and, after two weeks of conditioning, should be able to play in February.

Wilshere has targeted the Champions League tie away to Milan on February 15, but will hope to be involved in Premier League action before then. With Arsenal struggling for the form they need to ensure they will be in the Champions League again next season, his return is timely.

Fabio Capello will also be interested in Wilshere’s speedy recovery. Having enjoyed a rest for the first seven months of the season, Wilshere may be one of the fittest and freshest England players when the Euro finals come around in June. England’s ideal central midfield pairing might feature Wilshere alongside Scott Parker of Tottenham.

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