Will-y bad

If there’s one thing that Liverpool fans like to go for, it’s maudlin, sentimental self-obsession. You start talking to any Scouser who supports the Reds for more than five minutes they’ll crumble into a dreadful pit of mawkishness, talking about hope in their hearts and the Liverpool Way. But most of all they’ll be extremely annoying, and talk about trainers.

So you can bet your life that they’ll be all over Will, a film which tells the story of an orphan boy who travels on his own to the 2005 Champions League final. It Stars Damien Lewis, Bob Hoskins and some kid, all of whom look completely dreadful: Lewis Scouse accent in particular is a joy, with him pinching his face and squawking like dem do in Liverpool, lid. Anyway, the trailer is below, and it’s safe to say that this looks like a proper turkey, so check it out.

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