Wikipedia transforms Djimi Traoré into top goalscorer

Everyone remembers ex-Liverpool defender Djimi Traoré, a tall, long-legged player who flitted across the Anfield turf with the grace of a newly born foal. That's the same Djimi Traoré who somehow managed to pick up a Champions League winners medal in 2005.

Well now it seems that someone has decided to have a bit of fun with the Mali defender's Wikipedia entry. Never known for his goalscoring prowess, unless we're talking about Richard Dunne style own goals, Traoré has been transformed into the most prolific goalscorer in the history of the beautiful game..

His Wikipedia entry reads 928 goals for Liverpool in 88 games with another 482 in 5 appearances for Mali. It looks like Djimi might be updating his own entry. Check out one of times he actually did score: a spectacular own goal against Burnley from 2005.

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