Wii is not sport

We commend anyone who gets off their backside and does some exercise. We’re all probably carrying an extra pound or two after Christmas and could do with getting the heart pumping again.

Bad news, then, for anyone who bought a Wii and a load of activity games with the idea that playing them might keep them fit. According to sports scientists from Liverpool John Moores University playing sport on a Wii is not really the same as exercising.

The study also reveals that:

• driving a car in a video game does not allow you to drive one on a real road without a licence
• injuries sustained by combat troops in video games heal significantly quicker than those sustained by real soldiers.
• flying a virtual jetfighter is easier than in real life and requires far less fuel
• super Mario Land is not a real place.

Thanks for that, fellas.

(Image: from Ian Muttoo’s Flickr stream)

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