Wiggins says evidence against Armstrong is overwhelming

Tour De France winner and Olympic gold medallist Bradley Wiggins has spoken out about the Lance Armstrong case. Despite Armstrong’s denials, Wiggins said the weight of evidence was damning.

"It is pretty jaw-dropping the amount of people who have testified against him," Wiggins told Sky News. "It is certainly not a one-sided hatchet job, it is pretty damning. I am shocked at the scale of the evidence."

Knowing what it takes to win a Tour De France, and knowing that Armstrong had done it seven times, Wiggins was not entirely surprised by the revelations. He understands to some degree the pressures involved that can compel riders to use doping programmes.

"It's about the culture of the sport for so many years," Wiggins said. "I was fortunate that I was in a system in British Cycling that, regardless what team I was in, they supported me with the right way to deal with it. They probably saved me, otherwise it might have been me, who knows? The peer pressure is huge. But the culture has changed."

Wiggins prefers to think that cycling’s sophisticated detection processes have changed the nature of the sport. "We are the ones picking these pieces up. For me it is about moving forward and not looking back any more to what happened 10, 15 years ago. I don't think that is relevant to what we are doing today. What we are doing today is setting the example for our sport."

Armstrong’s days as a hero and role model may be over, but Wiggins wants to believe that a successful cyclist can still be a sportsman to be admired.

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