Wiggins might not defend Tour title

Bradley Wiggins may not defend his Tour De France title in 2013. The champion has expressed his willingness to give up his status as team leader and work in the peloton to help a Team Sky team mate.

This unusual suppression of a sportsman’s ego would have some compensations though. Wiggins is eager to attempt to claim the pink jersey for winning the Giro D’Italia ahead of the 2013 Tour De France.

"If everything goes to plan and I get the nod to do the Giro, that's what is going to happen," Wiggins said. "I'm a great historian of the sport and I'd like to win a pink jersey to go with the yellow one."

As the course for the 2013 Tour was revealed, Wiggins said he would be happy to be considered just another team member. "I haven't got that much of an ego," Wiggins told Eurosport. "It was always about winning one Tour de France for me and I'm proud of the way that I did it. Cycling is a team sport and I wouldn't have won last year if it hadn't been for the help of my team-mates, so if I can play a part in one of them winning next year that would be great."

If Team Sky follows that policy, the likeliest candidate to be team leader is last year’s runner-up Chris Froome. The course, with its challenging climbs, favours Froome’s strengths more than those of Wiggins. "It's something I'd like to do," Froome said, "but as a team we have to decide what the best tactic will be. We should decide over the winter so we can train accordingly."

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