Why is everyone pulling out of fighting Conor McGregor

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27-year old Irish mixed martial artist (MMA) Conor McGregor has transformed MMA and the UFC. It was recently announced that the highly anticipated UFC 189 lightweight title fight on March 5 between McGregor and Rafael dos Anjos was not to be. Anjos recently pulled out due to a broken foot and Nate Diaz is scheduled to take his place.

Out of the past 8 of McGregor’s original opponents, 4 of them withdrew, Andrew Ogle, Cole Miller and most recently Jose Aldo. But why are they all pulling out? Does it just happen to be bad luck with injuries or is there something more going on? Here are a few things that make Conor McGregor a force to be reckoned with.


He is known for his brimming confidence everywhere he goes whether that is during a press conference or in the octagon. But the thing that makes him that much more intimidating is the fact that he has so far backed up everything he says. His confidence is unwavering and his predictions as to which round he will win in and how it will happen have so far all come true. He is also extremely unapologetic in everything he does and says.


Conor is in control of all of his finances and knows how much he is worth, which most fighters don’t. Rather than hoping that your manager is giving you a decent cut, Conor knows how much he should be getting on every side of the fight. Money also gives him power. The UFC know he is invaluable in the sport and in selling out seats, and so do other fighters.


McGregor is proving that training as an MMA fighter is not all about stamina and technique. He worked extensively with movement trainer Ido Portal which focused on utilizing the body rather than weights. He is unpredictable in his movements which is frustrating for his opponents, and always appears to be relaxed which brings up the next point.

Mind, body, and breath

Conor stated that “With a strong mind, you can take on anything. With a broken mind, you can take on nothing. It’s definitely very important.” He is known for often referring to the law of attraction, “As a man things in his heart, so is he”. He focuses on believing, visualizing and continually thinking about what his heart desires.

Fighting a man that has all of these things going for him is scary indeed, especially when it is a title fight. The mental game that Conor plays is tough enough but he appears to be equally intimidating in the octagon as well. Maybe these injuries are a coincidence or maybe there is true fear in his opponents.

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