Why have you asked me this?

As if there hadn’t already been a large enough inquest in why the England team were utterly toilet in their four games at the World Cup, and why they were given a thorough humping by Germany yesterday afternoon, some journo thought it a good idea to ask Prime Minister David Cameroon his opinion on the match, as though it was in any way important, or helpful.

Guess what, he think technology can be used like it is in sports he actually likes. Can’t wait for this debate to come stumbling out of Talk Sport all over again, with Dave the cabbie from Bromsgrove blaming those bureaucrats at Fifa for ruining our brave boys’ World Cup dream. Ah yes, it’ll be even more tedious than complaining about yucky old working class people being paid a fair whack of the money they create through their own labour. It’s an outrage, I tell you.

‘I do think that the use of technology in sport can be a bonus,’ said potato-faced Cameron following the G20 summit in Toronto. ‘I'm a keen follower of cricket and tennis and I think the third umpire has been a great thing and the machines that bleep at Wimbledon are quite handy too. Maybe that's something that football could now have a look at.’

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