Why choose Bridgestone golf balls?

The Bridgestone golf balls are undoubtedly one of the best on the market for their intricate design that can make subtle but important progress in your game. Using their past experience of making golf balls, Bridgestone is constantly striving to improve golf ball technology to make their products stand out from the rivalling brands.

The e6 golf ball is a new design created by Bridgestone golf and has several key features that will undoubtedly appeal to any golfer. It is said to be the softest multi-layer golf ball available anywhere on the market and this ensures that when striking the ball, it reduces side spin which ultimately contributes to more accuracy in your game. Available in two optic colours of yellow and red, this too ensures that you will rarely lose your balls in long rough and will be visible from great distances.

If you're not so concerned with side spin, but alternatively more worried about gaining extra distance then the Bridgestone e7 golf ball is certainly for you. Its high speed multi layer design means that the ball will travel faster and resulting in the ball travelling significantly further.

One website you are recommended to purchase these golf balls from is onlinegolf.co.uk where the e6 series is available 20% less than retail price at £19.99 for a dozen balls. Similarly, the e7 golf balls are also the same price and you are strongly urged to explore other websites as well to ensure you get the best deal available to you. The bridgestone golf balls are certainly some of the best available and you are urged to give them a go and see if they can make significant improvement to your game.

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