Who will replace McClaren?

We don’t do vitriol – it’s so unbecoming. We won’t pour scorn on the players for yesterday’s awful performance. And Steve McClaren getting the sack is his punishment. He doesn’t need us banging on about his abysmal record. It’s enough for him, surely, that he’s joined the club of failed England managers – an involuntary life membership of a club no one wants to join.

So who will replace him? Martin O’Neill? He’s definitely got the pedigree and is the bookies’ favourite. Joes Mourinho? He’s got the cojones but the FA may baulk at his outspoken style. Big Phil Scolari? He’s turned us down before and is likely to be even less attracted to the role now. Guus Hiddink? Big record but why would he leave the Russia job? Sammy Lee? Err…

It’s a short list – not because it’s been honed down from a long list. It’s a short list because there are very few managers out there either good enough, or insane enough, to take on the poisoned chalice.

(Image: from Brandon Pajama’s flickr stream)

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