Where to purchase Gunn and Moore cricket bats

There a whole host of websites where you can by Gunn and Moore cricket bats, but there are a few which offer superb and competitive prices on these quality, reliable bats. Founded in 1885, Gunn and Moore have never since ceased to provide undoubtedly some of the best cricket bats available. Endorsed by professionals all over the world, why not get your hands on one of these perfect bats?

One website you are recommended to explore is milletsports.com which has an extensive range of Gunn and Moore cricket bats at superb prices. With the 2011 range amongst their products, you can get the GM Luna, Flare, Apex or Icon 303 range for just £53.99. These prices really are fantastic considering the quality of English willow you are receiving that will undoubtedly prove sturdy and reliable for years to come. The next series up into the 404 range will cost you £80.99 which is still a highly competitive price with most other bats who utilise the same quality English willow expected to charge significantly more.

Ensure you delve into the information on each Gunn and Moore bat so you ensure the bat you eventually purchase matches the specification you are accustomed to and suits your style of play best. Whether you opt for short handle or long handle, light or heavy, you can be sure to choose these decisions on this fantastic website. Explore the website thoroughly for your perfect GM cricket bat and be informed that the website offers a great service where you will receive your chosen bat in next to no time at all.

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