Where to Buy Snooker Tables Online in Ireland

Buying snooker tables in Ireland has never been this easy, or as much fun! There are a number of sites that cater especially for Irish online shoppers and with the variety available you're absolutely spoilt for choice. Let's see where to go and what's available?

http://www.emeraldleisure.com/ is a must-visit site if you're looking to purchase a snooker table online.  The site has an incredible range of snooker tables, pool tables, table tennis tables, air hockey tables and even football tables.

If you're looking for lighting or accessories you won't be disappointed either, since this site has a great range in both those categories.  The best thing is that you even have the option to hire a pool table from the site, instead of purchasing one outright.

The 8ft Corinthian snooker table is the cheapest new model listed on the site, and currently sells for £1,525.00.  Delivery costs range from between £50.00 and£195.00, and this is kerbside delivery only. Snooker balls, a table light, protective cover and assembly are all considered extras, so you could save some money if you already have some of these items. A Reconditioned 7ft Statesman Pool table sells for £465.00 on this site, and other reconditioned tables are available on an as-and-when basis. This table comes with two cues, triangle, balls and chalk.

The site also offers table recovering, and also stocks a wide selection of cues and cases. There is truly something for everyone at this site, so if you're in the market for a snooker table head on over and see what's on offer.

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