when is the Rugby World Cup 2011

So when is the rugby world cup due to start? The answer is sooner than you may of thought. The 9th of September see's hosts New Zealand take on Tonga in a fascinating pool A clash that is due to start at 09:30 local British time and 20:30 New Zealand time.

It's only a few weeks to go until the biggest rugby competition on the planet is due to commence, and it will undoubtedly be full of thrills and spills throughout the few months it lasts. Being hosted in the beautiful nation of New Zealand, the 20 teams competing will all be doing their all to try and get their name engraved on the Webb Ellis Cup at the end. But there are no prizes for second place, and this fiercely competitive competition never ceases to provide excitement and passion between all the teams as they seek to be crowned champions of the world.

Other key dates you may want to note down are that the quarter finals will begin on the 8th October with the Semi-finals on the 15th and the elusive final all the teams are fighting to compete arriving on the 23rd.

Be sure to follow all the action and if you need more specific details of your nations fixtures then visit rugbyworldcup.com which is an excellent site and will provide you with all the information you may need.

With the competition only around once every four years, you are urged not to miss this fantastic event and follow the action every step of the way.

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