When are the London Olympics? Key dates for the diary

Sorted out the big screen TV? Got your viewing position from the sofa sorted, and the remote control at hand? There's just one nagging little uncertainty. When are the London Olympics? We highlight the important dates (www.london2012.com).

  1. 25 July 2012 is the big kick-off, with the opening sports event, the preliminaries of the women's football competition. So the London Olympics will begin with matches in Cardiff, Coventry and Glasgow.
  2. 27 July sees the pomp and parades of the opening ceremony in the Olympic stadium, and the lighting of the Olympic torch.
  3. 4 August is a big day for athletics. Jessica Ennis will attempt to secure gold with the final events of the heptathlon, and Usain Bolt will want to write a little more sporting history in the 100 metres.
  4. 5 August sees Phillips Idowu attempting to triple jump his way to gold, after silver at the Beijing Olympics and the world championships. Andy Murray might also have hopes of being another Briton going for gold, in the tennis final.
  5. 6 August is a day of tense finals in the velodrome, with Sir Chris Hoy and Jason Kenny pedalling for gold. Can Britain's domination on the track be restated?
  6. 12 August will see the curtain comes down with the closing ceremony. Before that though there are the marathons. Could Paula Radcliffe yet defy all her injuries and make a glorious return to the course she knows so well?

That's the quick answer to the question, when are the London Olympics? For the fine detail, and all those other sports, check dates on the website.

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