'What is expected if to win trophies'

With Chelsea facing off with Genk in the Champions League tonight, the Blues boss André Villas-Boas says that he would never forgive himself if he doesn't win trophies at Stamford Bridge. Suffice to say it probably wouldn't go down very well with the club's owner either, given what he's done to other unsuccessful managers.

Chelsea have started the season pretty well, only losing one game – to Manchester United in the league – and having already garnered four points from the first two games, they should go through to the knock out stage. However given that Barcelona are basically unbeatable in Europe these days, the club will probably be looking to one of the domestic cups to keep themselves in the trophies.

'The trophy cabinet is something that is more visible,' he said. 'What is expected is to win trophies. I wouldn't forgive myself if I missed the opportunity to win major trophies at this club.

'I think I just want to have career I can be proud of, whenever it finishes. The time will come when I feel proud of what I have achieved and will leave my position. I don't want to be in a position long time but want something to be proud of and will try to get it.'

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