What do you think about women linos, Rio?

The Newspapers and internet sites are already full of drama, controversy and salacious gossip surrounding Richard Keys and Andy Gray’s sexist comments about women linesmen (and women in general, let’s face it). All of it, however, has come from the pens, keyboards and mouths of right-on football enthusiasts and journalists, rather than key figures in the game.

That is, until now. No less a player than Rio Ferdinand has made it public that he doesn’t agree with their views, and that he thinks women officials are a great thing. Not only that he has called their views prehistoric. Fair play to Rio, we say; Peckham’s finest has clearly got his head screwed on.

‘I'm all for women refereeing in football, discrimination should not happen in our game at all,’ said the England international on Twitter. ‘Prehistoric views if u think otherwise.’ Good man.

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