Westwood loses rag on Twitter

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English golfer Lee Westwood seems to be allowing Twitter trolls to get under his skin. Still smarting from his weak final round at the Open, he responded angrily to critical tweets after another poor final round at the last major of the season, the US PGA Championship.

Westwood's final round 76 meant he was never in contention and he finished 13 shots behind the winner Jason Dufner. One Twitter user suggested Westwood "learn to putt" and the golfer responded "will you get a life first?". Touchy, but still relatively restrained. He even sounded jokey when responding to one Twitter user's suggestion that drinking does not solve anything. "Oh yes it does," Westwood argued, "Plenty!"

When the criticisms redoubled though, Westwood's tweets went ballistic, and began to smack of sporting arrogance. "You minions need to live from the inside out, rather than the outside in," Westwood tweeted, probably not referring to the cute little guys from Despicable Me.

It got uglier. "Sick of negative assholes sat behind a keyboard with a pitiful life, that's all!" But Lee, that's most of us. "Like I give a f**k what the haters say," he continued, failing to realise that with every tweet, Westwood was demonstrating just how much he cared what they were saying.

Pretty soon the critics backed off, perhaps feeling a little ashamed that they had not so much touched a nerve as exposed a raw streak of insecurity. "Come on you girly boy trolls," Westwood taunted, waving a wad of cash at his screen, "I've only won just over 2 mill on course this year. Need you to keep me entertained a little longer."

Perhaps he would have spent his time more profitably on the practice greens. With each tweet Westwood seemed a little further away from ever winning that elusive first major. "Bored now, Westy out," brought the diatribe to a conclusion.

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