West Ham player 'racially abused' by fan

Given that West Ham were relegated at the weekend, it's no surprise that tempers flared at the club's end-of-season dinner: in fact it's hard to see the rationale for allowing such an event to take place, given that the Hammers underperformed the whole season. They have (or had at least) four England internationals in the spine of their team, and still managed to be relegated. So it should be no surprise that fans confronted their players, really.

West Ham being West Ham, there is always trouble around the corner, and always some mouthy idiot ready to say something stupid. So it was last night, with one fan apparently racially abusing Demba Ba, who allegedly refused to sign an autograph. Sounds like a very silly end to a troubling season for the Hammers, who will surely see an exodus of players in the summer, and could find themselves in serious financial difficulty.

'The whole incident has been blown out of all proportion,' said West Ham co-owner David Sullivan. 'It was one individual that had too much to drink, sadly a problem in British society. A player was racially abused by the same drunken supporter which is totally unacceptable. Sadly one drunken supporter has let the club down.'

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