West Ham Olympic Stadium deal collapses

Just when Tottenham fans thought that they were safe from playing at the Olympic Stadium, the spectre of East London's whopping white elephant comes back to haunt them: the proposed deal for West Ham to move into the ground after the Olympics has fallen through, no doubt to the delight of Hammers fans.

The board of the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OPLC) have ended negotiations with West Ham because of continued legal challenges from both Tottenham and Leyton Orient, meaning that the OPLC, government and Boris Johnson have agreed to leave the ground in public hands. They are preparing a tender process now, for which West Ham will now be able to bid as anchor tenant.

This could suit the club, as since dropping down to the Championship their finances have got in a sticky state. Renting the ground would cost them £2million. Given that running costs will be £5million a year, that money would help the OPLC keep the ground in good nick, and West Ham from running up more debts. However it would mean that they'll be playing in a soulless bowl outside of their traditional area, and that they will never fill.

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