Relive the glory days with classic West Ham football shirts

The club may be languishing in the humble reaches of the Championship, but fans still wear their West Ham football shirts with pride. It's only understandable though if they prefer to pull on the vintage shirts of the past rather than the modern version.

Fans of the club will have fond memories of the classic shirts of the 1960s and 1970s. The home strip featured the iconic claret shirt with light blue sleeves, while the away shirt was light blue with two claret stripes, redolent of tough away Cup ties in the mud somewhere up north.

These were the shirts worn by players like Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst and Martin Peters, the legendary trio who won the World Cup for England in 1966.

You can relive those years by visiting www.oldfootballshirts.com and picking up one of those heavy old jerseys from an era when the hairstyles were as flamboyant as the football.

You can get the classic claret and blue home shirt that remained pretty much unchanged between 1962 and 1975, for £32.99. This was the shirt that won FA Cups and European trophies, and plenty of admirers.

The pale blue away shirt, still regarded as something of a high point in football fashion, is available for £35.99. Both shirts come in long sleeves and are made from knitted cotton, summoning up the style of an era before all-conquering polyester.

Younger fans, whose nostalgia doesn't stretch back quite so far, can also buy the rather garish striped West Ham football shirts from 1987-89 with the AVCO chest logo, at £32.99. Now all they need is for the present bunch of players to perform impressively enough to make the current shirt worth wearing.

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