Wesley Sneijder not discounting move to Manchester United

You can always trust footballers to make sure they leave their options open when the transfer window is open: either they've got their eye on a lucrative move away from the club they pledged allegiance to six months ago, or they've got their agents in their ear telling them that the greats of world football are all up in their business. Doesn't modern-day football make you sick, even though you keep coming back for more, like a helpless crackhead?

Anyway, Wesley Sneijder has decided to be extremely coy about whether he's staying at Inter or moving to Manchester United. Despite the move looking entirely unlikely, it's hard not to note the sexy come-and-get-me eyes he's showing Alex Ferguson. If that's not too horrible a thought...

'I have been at the highest level for 10 years and there are always speculations but look, I am still here,' Sneijder said. 'I am always happy. I am a happy guy. I am happy to train every day with my colleagues and play my games for the fans and everyone at the club. And whatever happens after that, we will see. There is always a chance something will happen but we will see.'

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