Wes Brown and the gift horse

Another quite extraordinary story about players’ wages has us squirming with displeasure. Wes Brown, erstwhile England international and Gary Neville’s stand-in this season at United, has rejected a £40,000 a week contract offer from the club for the third time, it seems.

This is a message to Wes: take it, son. Take the money and be thankful for it. Not only is it a huge amount of cash to be paid to play football, but it’s also – by far and away – the best offer you’re likely to get.

You could get more money somewhere else, sure. But you wouldn’t be playing for United. It’s your home. You’ve been there since you were 12 years old. You’d never be as happy anywhere else. And you’d never look as good on the pitch. You see, you’re as good as you are because of the team you play in. Move somewhere else and you’ll just get worse. Honest.

Surely you can bear living on 40-grand a week. Okay you’d have to make some cut-backs, maybe cancel plans for buying the moon for a couple of years. But, hey! You’d cope. With that barnet, surely you could cope with anything?

(Image: from YouTube)

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