We're rubbish

Michael Ballack has said that his Germany team have no chance of winning the World Cup, claiming that the side doesn’t have the players or the depth to take themselves the distance, unlike in 2002, for instance, when the worst German team of all time made it all the way to the final. Nope, no precedence for grinding out victories there. None at all.

‘We do not have the consistency or strength in depth in the squad,’ Ballack told Kicker magazine. ‘We have been too weak, particularly in friendlies, to be able to say that we have the class to beat everybody else.

‘You can forget about us having had the luck of the draw - we have a tough group and all three opponents are uncomfortable and physically very strong. We are going to have to put our foot down from the very beginning. Focusing on big games has always been one of the strengths of German teams.’

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