We're not dead yet

Cristiano Ronaldo has said that his Real Madrid team aren’t down and out of their Champion League tie with Lyon, despite the fearful savaging they took at the hands of the French side during last night’s first leg in France. Madrid lost 1-0 and the Spaniards barely had an attack worthy of the name throughout the 90 minutes, while Lyon squandered a few opportunities to effectively finish the tie, and Ronaldo feels that a one goal lead is easy enough to overcome at home.

‘In football, anything is possible,’ he said after the game. ‘We've lost here but we have a game at home in which we can repeat what they did here.

‘I’m calm. In this competition you have to suffer. I'm sure that we will give a good answer in the return game and that we will win. The Bernabéu will help us. We will have to give it everything from the first minute until the last. The tie is not lost.’

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