We're like, so not rubbish

Fabio Capello has reacted to claims from German legend Franz Beckenbauer that England under his stewardship had gone ‘backwards into the bad old times of kick and rush’. However, given that he’s not Diego Maradona, Capello didn’t tell the meddling old bugger to keep his nose out of it. At least, not in the same words. However, he did offer a reason for the tactics, which is more than most coaches can seem to muster.

‘I was surprised to hear (what Beckenbauer said),’ said the rather conservative Italian. ‘Always, when you speak about someone, you have to respect their team. I respect his team and he needs to speak about them. But it's easy to speak about teams when you stay in the stands. You have to see the match (live). My players could not play the style they like because the pressure was really strong.

‘We had to play long balls to go forward to win. But in the second half we played very well. We didn't play long ball but a lot of passes and had a lot of possession. We created three clear chances to score. So I don't understand what Beckenbauer is saying. It was easier for Germany to play Australia, who played offside with the line of their back four, and it was too easy for them to get to goal. There was probably a penalty for Australia which would have made it 2-1 and they had a player sent off. So it could have been different.’

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