Wenger, whinging - wow

Arsene Wenger seems to want to rekindle the flames of his fiery relationship with Alex Ferguson, which was last seen burning around 2005. Once again he accused Manchester United of only trying to kick his poor wittle Arsenal babies out of the game on Saturday, singling out Darren Fletcher without having the balls to actually say his name.

The Arsenal manager seems completely content to ignore his own players' fouls, dives and general lack of dignity on the pitch, as well as conveniently going blank on how his brutal Viera-Petit partnership stomped on everyone on their way to trophies back in the late 90s.

‘There are other points (than diving) that, for me, are more urgent – players who play only to make fouls and who are never punished; players who make repeated fouls and who get out of the game without a yellow card. That, for me, is more anti-football than a player who did what Eduardo did,’ he bleated to the press.

‘I have seen a player who plays only on the pitch to make repeated fouls. Look at how many deliberate fouls some players make and get away with. I think that's a bigger problem because it cuts the flow of the game (because we all know diving doesn’t do that - Ed). And people come and pay to see football. They do not come to see free kicks.’

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