Wenger: They should’ve had a penalty!

Predictions are always dangerous, but we’re pretty sure these managerial maxims will not be heard over the next 12 months:

1. “I thought the referee had an excellent game, timed to perfection.” (Sir Alex Ferguson)

2. “We just don’t have the funds to compete at the highest level.” (Avram Grant)

3. “I have the full support of the board.” (Raffa Benitez)

4. “I like my teams to pass the ball into the net.” (Sam Allardyce)

5. “I had a very good sight of the incident, actually. I’ve watched it several times since and my player was definitely at fault. They should have had a penalty.” (Arsene Wenger)

Got any more safe bets for the new year?
(Image: from N ico’s Flickr stream)

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